Hand Block Print Workshop at Jai Texart, Bagru , Jaipur

Duration : 1 day
10.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
Location : Jai texart’s Hand Crafted Textile Unit, Jai Bagh, Narvaria  Road, Bagru Village – Jaipur   (35 k.m. from Jaipur city on Jaipur Ajmer Express Highway )

Learning at work shop :

Hand Block Printing is one of the most famous traditional art of Rajasthan. Workshops are held for those who wants to learn this beautiful traditional art. During these workshops one gets to develop their skills in block printing and also gain experience by learning and working alongside skilled craft person. It is very interesting to see how the prints are hand made with small wooden blocks, usually with different colours extracted from nature.

At the end of workshop, you will learn

  • Chance to see some of the plants and bushes, part of which are used for printing & dyeing.
  • How vegetable dyes works
  • How to do bagru printing (using natural dyes)
  • How to make colour fast naturally

Brief of working during the day:


The programme leader will take you on round of the factory and explain the different type of natural dyes are used in printing. He will show you different samples of hand block printed textile. He will also explain the bagru printing process so that you can understand the technique before starting your own printing. He will show some live plants and bushes, part of which are used in vegetable printing .

Hands on printing experience :

To start your own hands-on printing experience, you may select ready carved wooden block from the available blocks . You will be able to print one peice of cotton scarve (provided in the programme kit) under supervision of senior craftperson. You will work on bagru printing technique.

Post Printing Process :

You will be taught about post printing process like boiling, dyeing, colour fixing and washing. You will be taken through process of post printing followed by a hands-on experience . You can take the finished fabric sample at the end of workshop.

Cost of programme will include :

1 cotton stole (1.80 mtrs)

Consumables and Services : natural dyes ,printing & other materials used for pre &  post printing process.

services of workshop including wooden blocks ..

Tea –- Bottled Water – Biscuits:


  1. you can print extra items ( scarf,stole, cushion cover, cloth bag,table cover, apron & T Shirt) at extra cost .
  2.  Lunch : you can order vegetarian lunch at extra cost ( Non Veg & Eggs are  not allowed in the compound )
  3.  Transport : contact us for arrangement of pool car  ( pick-up and  drop  from jaipur  city )