About Us

Founded in the year 2001, Jai Texart (JTA) has grown in to multi crore turnover company that has played a key role in reviving the hand block printing craft and its domestic demand. 


“To be one of the most admired company committed to craft of hand block printing”


Jai Texart (JTA) was founded with the strong belief that the ancient craft “hand block printing” can offer ultimate products and can regain its glory if the product is developed, produced and marketed with proper blend of professional skills encompassing the entire gamut of textile and fashion designing, marketing & management skills coupled with the creative skills of hand block printing.


JTA had started as a manufacturer of hand block printed fabric using the printing facilities of other existing hand block printing units at Bagru and Sanganer.
With in two years we established our 1st hand block printing unit at “Sanganer”, in the 5th year (2006-2007) 2nd unit at Bagru and in the 9th year (2009-2010) 3rd unit at Bagru. We have also increased the network of hand block printers extensively who maintain the high quality of printing. Over time an extensive network of weavers have been developed at various textile centers spread across India.

To attain a critical competitive “Design & Product Development Department” was conceived.

The department is manned by the best of breed professionals from digital design to fine art to textile & fashion designing with expertise in natural yarns & weaves.

Jta product carries “craftmark” certification for genuine hand crafted product made in India.

Production Process

JTA has a unique manufacturing approach, where craft person focus on craft only. Other supporting activities (pre and post production) are being taken care of by experts in the respective fields. We developed equipments and techniques which help us to reduce wastage and reworking. We have created infrastructure to get the optimum output from each skill. This has increased the average earning of our craft persons.

We at JTA continuously study methods of hand block printing followed in the various parts of the world like Sindh – Pakistan, Malaysia, Kutch – Gujarat , Masuliputnam – Andhra Pradesh, Bagh- Madhya Pradesh – and various parts of Rajasthan. We do improvements and modification in the process (Due to climate of Bagru and quality of water) and adopt them in our printing process.
We also mix the different techniques and methods of surface decoration together to create new concepts.

Our Clients

  • Fashion Designers
  • Garments Manufactures Including Leading Ladies Ethnic Wear Brands
  • Organised Retail Chain Stores
  • Whole Sellers & Big Retail Stores
  • Boutiques
  • Ladies Dress Material & Saree Shops